Kim Biel

Kim Biel – Entertainment, Production & Business Development

Kim Biel brings years of experience in both the media/entertainment and business worlds. For over 20 years Kim has, at the highest levels, created, negotiated and nurtured relationships between talent agents, managers, publicists, producers, attorneys and studio executives. As a manager, Kim has guided talent through all aspects of a successful Hollywood career. Having raised a child in the entertainment industry, Kim is keenly aware of how many lives are affected by this exciting path, and how much care must be taken to protect all involved. To that end, Kim can also guide and mentor young talent in the entertainment industry towards a healthy, grounded, and enriching career.

In the business world, Kim has connected numerous entrepreneurs, celebrities and high-end individuals in various fields of business, media and production, as well as fostered product, service & concept development. Kim has also advised companies, executives and celebrities through public relations, media and publicity events. Ten years ago, Kim’s family was at the forefront of social cause networking, founding the Make the Difference Network (“MTDN”), a unique cause-oriented, social networking website that connected charities with caring individuals and businesses.

As an avid health enthusiast, Kim has surrounded herself with top nutritional visionaries, and is a go to resource for experts in the field, able to introduce clients to the most cutting edge developments in the alternative health industry. Educating people about how to take control of their health is Kim’s passion.

Kim’s media & entertainment portfolio also includes the development of projects for film, scripted and unscripted TV, theatre and music performance.

Kim travels worldwide, but primarily splits her time between Los Angeles, Colorado, and New York.