LOPRESTI, PLLC is a U.S. law firm based out of New York City.  The firm focuses on six core practice groups:  business, litigation, intellectual property, securities/securities defense, employment, and media/entertainment.  Our ever growing team includes a diverse group of attorneys, consultants and support staff that give our clients a 365 degree view of both their business potential and their business security.

LOPRESTI.ONE – We are business lawyers.


Did you know that we represent some of the top restaurants in New York City?

Attorneys at LOPRESTI, PLLC have represented all types of businesses in just about every industry, ranging from international trade, textiles and investment, to transportation, construction, and manufacturing, to technology, energy and oil & gas, to health & wellness, fashion & design, media, publishing,  marketing and entertainment. This includes numerous ventures in hospitality and gourmet food markets throughout New York City, as well as a worldwide pet food company.

Corporate & Business Law

Our attorneys bring a hands-on, interactive approach to corporate and business counseling. You’ll gain the trusted support and full attention of experienced counsel who can guide your company through the many choices and opportunities involved in running and growing its business. Our attorneys have decades of experience helping businesses expand, whether entering new markets, both in the US and internationally, building market share in existing markets, or restructuring and reorganizing companies to best enable them to meet the future. We also practice “preventative medicine” – which means keeping your company out of court, and focused on building its business. ​And should the opportunity arise, we can guide your company towards a successful sale or purchase of another business.

Attorneys at LOPRESTI, PLLC have assisted clients with hundreds of complex transactions in a wide range of industries. Whether drafting the documents needed to grow and protect businesses, or providing a full array of business counseling, we provide true value in our services, and our fee structures are always geared towards managing needs and expectations. But don’t expect cookie cutter contracts or boiler-plate agreements for a quick turn-around. We only represent serious entrepreneurs who can put the time and energy into doing it right.

Intellectual Property / Trademark / Branding

LOPRESTI, PLLC attorneys have advised clients on a wide range of complex intellectual property (IP) transactions and commercial business activities that include trademark, branding and brand licensing. We can help grow and protect your company’s valuable brand, trademarks, trade secrets and goodwill. Our attorneys can negotiate and draft transactional and licensing deals that impact your IP,  and we can file and register trademark applications before the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Should the need arise, we can prosecute infringement or defend your IP before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) and state and federal courts.

Media /  Publishing / Entertainment

With our backgrounds in media, publishing, entertainment, intellectual property, brand negotiation & development, we bring a keen hindsight to media and entertainment opportunities. We have represented well known individuals, celebrities and artists in entertainment, media, publishing, fashion and cyberspace. We’ve negotiated, finalized and managed numerous complex commercial and artistic ventures. As litigators, because we’ve seen in court just how a good deal can go bad, we strive to protect your interests right from the drawing board.

Commercial Litigation / Trial Advocacy

Business can be a tough game, and you may find yourself and your company facing an unresolvable conflict. At LOPRESTI, PLLC we are capable of litigating disputes in state and federal court, as well as before arbitration tribunals, from inception through to trial. We apply the same efficient practicality to our litigation and trial strategy: after thorough discussion and analysis to determine your ultimate objectives, we will develop the best litigation strategy towards obtaining the same. More often than not, litigation is a business decision. It can be costly, time consuming, a drain on company resources. We will not take on a case unless, and until, our clients fully understand the risks and rewards of litigation.

Securities Law / Securities Litigation & SEC Enforcement Actions

Attorneys at LOPRESTI, PLLC have consulted and guided hundreds of corporations and individuals through the maze of complicated securities laws and securities compliance. We have also represented clients engaged in complex securities litigation, defending against and prosecuting securities fraud and securities violations, in federal court and SEC and CFTC proceedings.

Labor & Employment Law / Employment Litigation Defense

Businesses face significant challenges to remain in compliance with the complicated web of labor and employment regulations. LOPRESTI, PLLC can guide your company about compliance with local, state and federal employment laws, we can draft employee handbooks and guides,  supervise your HR department, and make sure the workplace environment remains productive and free of discriminatory practices.  Should the need arise, we can also engage in internal investigations, and defend your business in state and federal court, as well as arbitrations and other dispute resolution proceedings, from claims of wrongful termination, employment discrimination and noncompetition violations.

Pro Bono & Community Service  

The practice of law is a noble profession tasked with serving the public, guided by a code of ethics and integrity. While an aid to business, it is also concerned with justice, order and the public welfare. The attorneys at LOPRESTI, PLLC believe that the practice of law is a privilege that carries with it a great responsibility to apply our skills and talents for the benefit of the community. For years, our lawyers have dedicated themselves to improving our community by providing thousands of hours of pro bono legal counsel for numerous charitable entities supporting, among other things, human rights, civil rights, military Veterans’ rights, community rights, environmental rights, education, the disabled, health & well being, and animal rights. Contact our firm if you’d like to discuss our pro bono services.


LOPRESTI, PLLC is privileged to have represented a wide array of corporate, individual and governmental interests in litigation, business, intellectual property, technology, hospitality, entertainment & media, fashion, design, and charitable organizations and associations.

Some of our representative clients include:

Food & Hospitality

A60 SoHo | Bistrot Leo | Bowery Meat Co. | Burger & Barrel | Butterfly SoHo | Charlitos Cocina | El Toro Blanco | Farmina Pet Foods USA | Flying Pig Cafe | Gay Beer [Loyal Brands] | Garden of Eden Markets | Hooked JC | The Gordon Bar | Green Apple Group | Greenwich Street Tavern | Ground Support Cafe, SoHo | Lure Fishbar NYC | Lure Fishbar Miami | MercBar | Mercer Street Hospitality | New York Gourmet Butcher | Osteria 57 | Pat LaFrieda | Reggiano’s | Sessanta | Taste of Ethiopia


APM Model Management | Baron Ambrosia | Caroline Stoessinger | Chuck NiceComic Strip LiveBangOn NYC | CITY Magazine | Contra Media Group | Desert Living Magazine | Kailoola Productions | Legacy Films International | Lima Charlie Media | Lima Charlie NewsOne Model Management | Richie Tienken | Rescue Ink | Tasting Table

Health/Well Being

EBOOST | Kinetic Cycling | T-Spheres | Vitalize Labs​​


Budget Fashionista | Glamour Campaign | Glittering Conscience | Project | Rough Jewelry | Tattered Gossamer | TenState Jeans | Secret Tailor | Volang


​​Brio Capital | Choice Money Transfer | CPM Group | Great Oaks Venture Capital | Harborview Advisors | Small World Financial Services Group | Vine Group​


Able Planet | Counter Intelligence Media | Freestar Technology | Redman Consulting Group


AH! Digital Designs | Cleanroom | Hammer + Nail | Mars Design | PASTPRESENTFUTURE | Scale 1:1


The Greatest Generations Foundation | Legacy of Hope Foundation | Make the Difference Network | The Mozart Academy | New York Public Interest Research Group Straphangers Campaign | NYFD Uniformed Fire Officers Association | Rescue Ink.org | Skyscraper Safety Campaign



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