John Sjoholm

John Sjoholm – Logistics & Investigation

John Sjoholm brings unique and highly specialized skills to our team as head of Logistics & Investigation for LOPRESTI, PLLC. John is founder of the geostrategic and intelligence consulting group Erudite Group. He is also the Managing Editor and Middle East Bureau Chief at Lima Charlie News, a news organization featuring content by military veterans and intelligence professionals worldwide.

Mr. Sjoholm is a seasoned and versatile operator throughout the developing world, with a particular focus on the Levant and the Arab Gulf. As a member of a variety of regional operations, he has long-standing experience facilitating international transactions involving energy and equipment to suit clients’ requirements.

Before creating Erudite and joining Bourne International, a consulting group, he was a member of the Swedish Army’s Special Forces, after which he developed an extensive background in the intelligence and security industry. Mr. Sjoholm studied religion and languages in Sana’a, Yemen, and Cairo, Egypt. He lived and operated extensively in the Middle East between 2005-2012 as part of regional stabilising projects, and currently resides in Lebanon.